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Cherrydale was established in 1962 as the district’s first elementary school, and now serves 380 students grades pre-kindergarten through third grade. Cherrydale Primary has been recognized as a Washington School of Achievement Award recipient and staff inspire achievement, motivate improvement and engage families in meaningful partnerships. Cherrydale Primary community is an essential part of the academic and emotional growth of all students. Cherrydale Primary 3rd graders were invited to perform at Benaroya Hall last spring.

Chloe Clark Elementary School in DuPont is a community-based school, with an explicit aim to make certain, that Chloe Clark Elementary staff are providing a safe, nurturing school environment where creativity and curiosity are nurtured each day.  Chloe Clark Elementary serves over 550 students, grades pre-kindergarten through third.  The school has been recognized twice as a Washington State Achievement Award recipient.  A strong military presence is felt in the school, with over 60% of parents having a direct connection to Joint-Base Lewis McChord.   Chloe Clark has an active vibrant PTA recently completed a fundraiser and was ranked #1 in the State of Washington for funds raised – all of which go directly to the benefit students.  

Saltar’s Point Elementary is home to almost 500 4th and 5th grade students and employs over 50 staff members.  Saltar’s Point has a school-wide emphasis on the use of technology in the classroom.  Our school currently supports technology with 1 Chromebook for every 2 students.  Students are using Google Classroom and Google Applications in all content areas.  The school will be at a 1 to 1 ratio by the end of the 2017-18 school year.

Pioneer Middle School serves 760 students grades 6th through 8th. The current Pioneer Middle School building opened in 2008 in DuPont. Pioneer Middle School’s design follows the new Washington Sustainable Schools standards, with many sustainable, high performance features, such as maximizing natural light and use of recycled construction materials. Pioneer Middle School is a student-centered building, with particular emphasis on connecting to the physical, social and emotional needs of middle school students.  Pioneer’s rigorous academic program offers numerous opportunities to challenge all students and enrich learning in all areas of content.  Pioneer offers a robust music program, including various vocal ensembles earning Superior and Superior+ ratings at contest and adjudication events and invitations to present at Washington Music Educator Association conferences.

Steilacoom High School serves over 1,000 students and boasts a number of unique opportunities for students, based on size and proximity to a major military base, colleges and universities, skills centers and vocational/technical schools. These opportunities allow for students to take advantage of a variety of learning experiences to be successful during the four years leading to college and career preparation. The students are what makes Steilacoom High unique. “Steilly Pride” is evident when you walk through the front doors of the school.

  • The class of 2017 earned over 4 million dollars in scholarships.  3 military academy appointments

  • SHS now offers 14 Advanced Placement courses, involving nearly half the student body in AP coursework

  • SHS graduation rate is 94.7% - one of the highest in Pierce County

  • SHS chosen as a 2016 National Award recipient for the outstanding efforts in creating an active school environment

The original Anderson Island School, named Wide Awake Hollow, opened in August, 1882. When school enrollment dwindled to seven in 1958, the students rode a ferry to attend McNeil Island School. Anderson Island and McNeil Island schools became a part of the Steilacoom Historical School District in 1975. In 1980, Anderson Island Elementary was built to house students in grades K-5. Today, the school serves a total of 36 students in one K-2nd classroom and one 3rd-5th classroom.  Core subjects such as reading and writing, are intentionally integrated into project based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) lessons.  Anderson Island Elementary partners with local organizations to provide a variety of outdoor opportunities for students.

Anderson Island Elementary School